2014 Summer Photo Contest Video

With pictures by:

John Martis, Marilyn D’Amore, Lori Benacquista, Deborah Hardy, Susie Rooney, Dennis Blackstone, Ed Ungerer, Marcia Curry, Carla Conley, Tamara Gilreath, Cara Debbaudt, Mary Jane Payne, Michelle Ulwelling Conley, Ronda Gasperetti, Barb Danhoff, Kelly Nolen, Jack Trezise, Angela McFarland, Sandra Stoeckl, Kathy Faul, Carolyn Kimberlin, Ronald Furgerson, Carolyn Kimberlin, Sonya Leys, Candace Annett, Toni Miles, Fred Hernden, Amy Pattock,, Joseph Shannon, Margie Holder, Ann Campanaro, Bill Holder, Antoinette George, Marc Colver, Jim Tobin, Muriel Dougherty, Christina Plourde, Dena Fagan, & Philip Reich.

Thanks to all the fantastic people who submitted pictures to this year’s summer photo contest!

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