7 Best Designs to Personalize for St. Patrick’s Day

Personalized shirts and hats are the perfect garb for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. InkPixi has assembled a list of the 7 best designs to personalize for your St. Patrick’s Day events. This compilation consists of some of our most popular designs. Enjoy!

1. Irish Varsity – This all-time customer favorite design features your name and a shamrock on a distressed print. This design is perfect for the kids’ school parties, parades, events, or everyday wear.
2. Classic Irish Pub – Hit the tavern in personalized shirts and hats with the Classic Irish Pub Design. Featuring the name of your choosing and the Irish toast, May your cup ne’er run dry. This design is a lucky one!
3. Celtic Cross – The Celtic Cross, a popular and powerful symbol of Irish heritage, on a personalized shirt and hat including your family name is a great choice for all your celebrations.
4. Irish Brand – This authentic design allows for a name and a location to be printed. Personalize a zippered hooded sweatshirt and hat and head out for a day of partying.
5. Leprechaun – Leprechaun personalized shirts and hats with your name make the luckiest gifts for all your family and friends – simply add a name! This design is great for kids’ school parties.
6. Irish To The Bone – This design is for the extreme Irishman or woman, featuring your name and skull and crossbones. Seriously, the ideal design for custom shirts and hats!
7. Irish Thing – Last, but certainly not least is the clever Irish Thing design, which gets right to the point! You have to be Irish to understand!

Personalized InkPixi shirts and hats will optimize all your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. The best part is it’s so easy! Simply go to www.inkpixi.com pick a design, add your name, and InkPixi will do the rest!



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