Announcing (at last!) Classic Bait & Tackle!

For a couple of years, Bait & Tackle has been one of our most popular designs. We’re not too humble to admit that it captures all the charm of an old wooden bait-shop sign!

But for the thousands of people who wrote to tell us they loved their personalized shirts and hats, there were dozens who told us they needed something else.

Most of the critical comments went something like, “My husband loves fishing, but I can’t get him a white shirt! Do you know how fast he would ruin it?” or “My grandson is always fishing with his grandpa, but his school won’t let him wear a shirt with the word ‘beer’ on it.”

We couldn’t bear to change a design that so many people found obviously authentic, right down to the white-painted background and offering of beer with your bait. So we set an ambitious goal: A new fishing design, printed on a darker color, that would be just as true as the original.

It didn’t happen right away. We had to throw a lot of undersized ideas back into the water. But we are now proud to announce Classic Bait & Tackle, available in the nick of time for Father’s Day!

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