3 Funny Ideas Using Personalized Shirts For Men

InkPixi has custom funny shirts for any occasion. Our personalized shirts for men make the perfect gifts for all of the guys on your list – especially those with a great sense of humor! Simply put your name, or any name, on a design and get ready for laughter and comments. Everyone will want to know where you got that awesome, personalized shirt! You can send them to http://www.inkpixi.com

Here are 3 great ways to use personalized shirts for men:

1. Wear a personalized Cooking Danger shirt when hosting your next cook-out. Your guests will wonder if they should be prepared to call the fire department or whether they should have eaten prior to arrival! Either way, you’ll have cooked up the intended reaction.  This design would also make an entertaining host gift. cooking danger

2. Put on a personalized Natural Gas shirt next time you have to be in close quarters with a group of people. Wear this design to the movies, out to dinner, when travelling, at family gatherings, or anywhere others have to be in close proximity to you! It’s doubtful that you will have any takers on pulling your finger, and the room will certainly clear out quickly! These comically, personalized shirts for men are sure to prove hilariously amusing. This crowd-pleasing design is perfect for the jokesters in your life.  natural gas

3. Spark curiosity in a personalized Crazy shirt at your next family get-together or reunion. Just personalize the shirt with whatever role suits you, for example cousin, teacher, neighbor… You get the idea! Everyone will crack-up with laughter at this silly design! crazy

Now that your imagination has been roused, go to InkPixi choose your favorite design (we have over 300) and add a name – InkPixi will do the rest. Have fun with it! And don’t forget to write us with the comical way(s) you used your funny personalized shirt for men!

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