This year I’ll be sporting a personalized, embroidered Snowman beanie. I find this design especially charming since they remind me of my mother. She adored snowmen and had quite the assortment – an entire room in her home was filled to the brim with the fluffy, white sculptures. There were snowmen pictures, slates, and melodic clocks on the walls.  There were musical, dancing, singing, glittery, and lighted figurines arranged on specially made shelves, lighted curios, and cornices. Each time I visited (and it was quite often) she would show me a new addition to her already bursting-at-the-seams, snowman-clad room.

It’s no wonder she loved them so much; they are cheerful pleasures of the season and she was the jolliest person I’ve ever met. Her house was as welcoming as the joyful grin of a snowman standing in the yard to greet us as we came and went. All your senses were aroused from the moment you reached her porch steps. I can still smell the cinnamon-apple aroma and see the look of joy on her face as she answered the door (she loved company). I can still hear her bubbly, welcoming voice that embraced you like a cozy winter coat. I can still feel her warm hug and taste her special “cross country brownies”. As I sport my custom Snowman beanie I’ll remember the portly cuteness of my smiley faced mom welcoming me into her winter wonderland.

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