Fun Facts For St. Patrick’s Day

You knew we make original and fun personalized t-shirt designs for celebrating Irish family pride, and St. Patrick’s Day in particular.

But check out this info-graphic for some stuff you probably didn’t know!


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5 thoughts on “Fun Facts For St. Patrick’s Day

  1. In 1995 I spent St. Patrick’s day in Cork, Ireland, where the old boy himself is berried!! There, the celebrations don’t don’t even start until about 10 PM. and then all hell breaks loose and the various pub crawls begin and don’t let up until about dawn!! Believe me, in Cork anyway, there are no closed pubs on the 17th of March !!!! In fact little ol’ Cork doesn’t have enough bar tenders to cover all of the pubs, so they have to hire extra one’s from Dublin every year !! LOL!!

    1. Good Afternoon:

      The shirts arrived so fast that I couldn’t believe it. They are beautiful, the only problem is that the ones I ordered for myself are tailored and in my 78 years, I have never seen a tailor tee shirt before now. I am a true Large (14-16) and no way tailored. My shirts looks like I either have on my younger sister’s or one I outgrew in elementary school. So when I order again, what size should I order, as rather being a little on the large size, my husband’s are much more comfortable.

      Thanks for your outstanding service.

      1. Hi Mary. Most all of the ladies t-shirts are fitted. You may exchange the one you received for another size if you wish. Check the sizing chart for the most accurate size information. Some ladies size up one when purchasing the ladies fitted tees. Others, will purchase a unisex if they prefer that style. You can give us a call at 1-800-440-1210 for further assistance. Thanks so much!

  2. Wonderful information for a little Irish Grandma in Northeastern MN. Mom was IRISH, Dad was Finish! Quite a combination I say. I have my Mother’s belly and my Father’s A–! I’m Gorgeous! I am also very Lucky and attribute that to being IRISH! Hi to all my fellow Irishman on the planet!!! Bonnie K

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