How To Frame The Perfect Family Photo

Family Photos

A picture may be worth more than a thousand words since it tells a story. If you’ve ever attempted to capture the perfect family photo, you know it’s not for the faint of heart. There always seems to be someone blinking, frowning, crying, clowning,….And you may as well relinquish the idea that everyone’s clothing will remain clean and freshly pressed.

It could be we need to reframe what the perfect family photo is? How does one define perfect after all? Isn’t it subjective? I mean, these days, my idea of a perfect family photo is simply having everyone in the picture and getting it snapped. I think the baby crying, the big brother putting bunny ears behind Grandma’s head, and me with my wrinkled dress and disheveled hair is a pretty dang accurate portrait of our family.

Then it occurred to me, (my mother had been hinting at it for years) it wasn’t about the specific positioning of family members, the background, or even that everyone appeared cooperative. It was about togetherness. We took time out of our busy lives to preserve a memory. Why not enjoy the time together? Worst case scenario, you have to look at that picture for a year, when it will be replaced with another!

Candidly speaking, nowadays flaws can be easily covered up using cropping tools. But what can’t be revised are the memories you make when taking those photos. InkPixi understands that family is defined by togetherness. We help our customers zoom in on this realization by offering personalized designs that perfectly expose your family’s uniqueness.

Many of you send us photos of treasured memories depicting family holidays, reunions, and vacations. We think they are picture-perfect and proudly post them on our Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram pages.

We at InkPixi help your family tell its story by offering 300+ designs to choose from. We’ve simplified your search by categorizing the Family designs on our website: What’s more, we make it easy — just type your name and click. Bravo! You are well on your way to framing the ideal family photo!

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