FAQ: How Do I Care For My Personalized T-Shirts?


How do I care for my personalized t-shirts?

  • Turn your tees inside out. You want to keep the print on your personalized t-shirts from rubbing against the print on your other garments. Friction is not your friend!


  • Wash with similar garments. Wash t-shirts with other tees of like colors. Avoid washing tees with heavy jeans. Jeans have heavy buttons and sometimes rivets that will rub against the design on your t-shirts. Again, friction is not a friend.


  • Wash in cool or warm water. Hot water should be avoided.


  • Use a color safe detergent. Do not use bleach. Or you’ll be sad.


  • Tumble dry medium, hang, or lie flat to dry. Hang your tees in the shade or indoors. Avoid hanging in direct sunlight and high heat in a dryer.


  • If you must iron your personalized t-shirts, turn them inside out and do not put the iron directly on the ink.


  •  Fold your freshly washed personalized t-shirts using a folding board. (See our DIY  post on making a folding board.)

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