How to write an awesome product review

Many of our customers are kind enough to write product reviews after buying, and we appreciate them all. It’s nice to hear when we’ve done well, and critical to know when we could do better. But then there are the customers who put a little bit more into the review – a little bit more of themselves.

Here are some reviews we love. We love them because they give us a peek into your lives, at why you like Ink Pixi stuff, and how we become a part of your family events. Thanks for sharing!

“I purchased the HOT SAUCE shirt for my dad. He is a hot sauce nut!! Nothing is ever hot enough for him. So he’s constantly adding hot sauce to his food. God love him he just turned 86 and he got the biggest kick out of his shirt. He saved it to wear to his Railroad Retirees meeting. He loves it! Thank InkPixi.”
By Legs
from Buffalo, NY

“We baby -sit for our grand kids during the summer to provide child care , when we do we always call it going to ” papa-camp ” or camp Watnick, but to give our grand kids an actual camp t-shirt is hysterical!!”
By camp director

from west Hills , CA

 “My wife is always telling me and our daughter she’s not our maid….well now she has a shirt proclaiming her “maid service”! We gave it to her as a joke for mothers day and she loved it, she even wore it to Church for the mothers day breskfast and wore it to the office the next day!”

By Max 
from Prince George County, Virginia
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