On the Phone With Jay Leno

So, Jay Leno called the other day.

It seems he got one of our postcard advertisements for personalized Motorcycle Service apparel, and he wasn’t amused.

We didn’t mean to do it – Jay’s name must have been among the millions of motorcycle enthusiasts whose addresses we rented from a catalog company. So the Johnsons got a “Johnsons’ Motorcycle Service” advertisement, and the Wheelers got a “Wheeler’s Motorcycle Service” ad, and Jay got a… well, let’s just say he got a postcard with his name printed on it.

Mr. Leno’s name is, of course, trademarked. If we had mailed two million postcards bearing his name, it would have been illegal, not to mention tacky. And unfortunately, that’s what Jay thought we HAD done.

It took a little while to explain what was really going on, but Mr. Leno was super-nice and eventually, we got things cleared up. The sad part is, after all that, Mr. Leno didn’t order even one measly t-shirt!

After some thought, we figure that the problem is actually that the design wasn’t personalized ENOUGH for Mr. Leno.

So we’re working on some tag lines we could use instead, to try and capture his interest. Here are our top five so far:

1. MOTORCYCLE SERVICE: It’s time for a tune-up tonight!
2. MOTORCYCLE SERVICE: Why jaywalk when you could ride?
3. MOTORCYCLE SERVICE: So good my mother’s heard of it!
4. MOTORCYCLE SERVICE: Put your best chin forward!
5. MOTORCYCLE SERVICE: Stand-up service that won’t quit!

Got any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

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