Creating a New Personalized Design

Ever wondered how we decide what designs to offer?

Well, we’ll tell you: there are two main methods.

1. The Bolt of Lightning method
In this method, someone in product development stops suddenly, no matter what they’re doing, as a brilliant idea strikes them. “I know! We’ll do ‘[Your Name Here] — Nuttier than Squirrel Poop!'”

This method occasionally proves disruptive to meetings, or family life, as folks sprint from the meeting room or shower to write ideas down — and the ideas aren’t always as brilliant as we first think. (Yes, “Squirrel Poop” was an actual idea…)

But, it has also provided some of our best designs – like our all-time bestselling University shirts.

2. Customer Requests
I’m happy to say that customer request are rapidly becoming our most common, and most exciting, source of ideas! Thanks to people filling out our customer surveys (available at the bottom of every page on the website), we have a growing backlog of fantastic ideas just waiting for technical development.

There is a lot of work that happens before we can do high-quality printing of a new idea, and it feels good to know for sure that we’re working on something people want.

So, keep the comments and requests coming. We’ll be sure to let you know as your ideas become real garments!

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