Announcing NEW Eco-Friendly, Compostable Shirts, Personalized Just For You!

Announcing NEW Eco-Friendly, Compostable Shirts, Personalized Just For You!



You won’t believe it, but these earth-friendly garments dissolve in water! We are thrilled to be able to offer you the very first shirts in the entire universe that liquefy instantly upon contact with H2O. Think about the implications this could have for future products and services – not to mention the immediate benefits to Mother Earth.

Here are three problems these incredibly green shirts solve:

1. Landfills – With these products, you won’t be contributing to the unnecessary surplus of trash deposited into landfills. According to the Centralized Refuse Agency’s American Partners (CRAAP), the average American disposes of 110 pounds of textiles each year into our landfills. This accounts, says CRAAP, for “a bunch” of garbage. They also note that a normal tee lives in the landfill for “a really long time.”

2. Detergents  – There is no need to purchase detergent for these shirts, since they cannot be washed! Thus, saving you money! Also, according to the Global Healing Center, the dangers of laundry detergent are many. The surfactants contained in detergent can cause skin irritation and rashes for those who are allergic to them. They can disturb endocrine function and interfere with hormone balance, and they are BAD for the environment. That junk goes down the drain and into the Earth where it makes animals and waterways unnaturally bubbly.

3. Chemical Fertilizers  – Modern gardening is too dependent on chemical fertilizers, which are mainly made from nonrenewable sources, do nothing to sustain soil structure, and may cause long-term damage to local ecosystems. With chemical fertilizers (according to top weed expert Francis LeDirt) you risk over-fertilization, and a toxic buildup of minerals in the soil. Instead, try our nifty shirts! They dissolve into a 100% organic solution that can be added to your compost pile, serving as a completely eco-friendly, all-natural fertilizer.

Save the Earth with these fantastical garments! Only from InkPixi, sometime soon!

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12 thoughts on “Announcing NEW Eco-Friendly, Compostable Shirts, Personalized Just For You!

  1. No “V” neck tees but you have one that I can’t get wet…not good here in Washington State. These aren’t for me, I like to wash my tees and it rains near everyday.

    1. Hi Don.
      It was an April Fool’s joke. I have passed on your request for v neck tees on to our Product Development Team. Have a fun day!

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