6 Gifts For Mother’s Day To Avoid

Mother's Day gifts to avoid

Terrible Gifts For Mother’s Day

Terrible Gifts for Mother's Day - Here is a list of gift-giving ideas for your mom that are just plain terribly.

We, at InkPixi, are here to help you find the perfect gifts for Mother’s Day that are as unique as your special lady. Being a thoughtful gift-giver takes skill and practice. Get ready for a lesson on what not to buy!

There are some gifts that, although may seem like good ideas, are actually terrible. And, we’ll tell you what they are and why.

Before you head to the store for a Mother’s Day gift, stop a minute and consider a few things.

  1. This is the woman who gave you life or raised you or impacted you in some way.
  2. This is her one special day out of the whole year.
  3. She deserves your thoughtful and careful consideration.

We’ve compiled a list of six really bad ideas that you should avoid when shopping for Mother’s Day gifts.

The Gift of Cleaning

Please do not buy your mom a vacuum (unless it’s a Dyson and she really wants one). Small appliances are also a big no-no. Maybe, a Kitchenaid, and ONLY if she specifically asks for one. And please don’t even think about purchasing cleaning supplies for your mom.

Weight Loss Gifts

Mom may or may not need to lose a few pounds, but she doesn’t need the reminder on Mother’s Day. If she’s a fitness guru and specifically asks for a new top-of-the-line scale, specialty shoes, or a Peloton machine then you have our blessing. Otherwise, run from all gifts pertaining to exercise and weight loss.

Fix-It Gifts

Your mom can do it all. She can clean and bandage cuts and scrapes. She’s always ready to lend an ear and can assist you in solving your problems. Mom can paint and hang shelves. She can assemble new toys like nobody’s business. A mom has many skills and jobs for sure! But, she deserves something a bit more considerate than a hammer, screwdriver, or toolkit. Just don’t!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are the go-to gift when you aren’t sure what to buy someone. Or if you forgot to buy a gift. And, if you must gift one skip grocery stores, Walmart, and home improvement centers. Instead, opt for a day spa, a weekend getaway, or a body lotion store. Find a gift that is personalized to what she really enjoys and one that will give her a well-deserved break.

Cheap Jewelry

Cheap jewelry is only acceptable coming from a small child at a Secret Santa shop at school with zero adult supervision. It’s not a good gift. Period. If you can’t afford a more expensive piece, don’t buy any.

An IOU As A Mother’s Day Gift?

We’ve saved the worst for last – an IOU. Don’t. Even. Think. About. It. Nothing screams, “I forgot,” like this totally pathetic “gift.” It’s nearly as bad as just plain up forgetting. And, if you do forget, then you better make it up to her in a huge way!

Please remember – all of the suggestions are just that – suggestions. Your special lady may want some of the listed items. And, in that case – have at it!

Now that you have a better idea of what gifts to not buy for Mother’s Day, get out there, put your best foot forward, and make her day in a big way!

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