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Getting Organized in 2020

Let’s Get Started

Would you like to work on your organization skills? Changing your mindset (and some elbow grease) will help you to achieve your goals more quickly. Read on for our helpful tips.

Determine Your Level Of Comfort

Organization looks different to each of us. There is not one perfectly subscribed method that will work for everyone. So, the very first step is the determine what it means to you, then start a list.

For example, you may be the type that tolerates, and even thrives, on a small amount of clutter. That’s totally fine. If it makes you feel better to have piles, then have piles!

Others may cringe at seeing piles and need to have their stuff neatly placed in boxes, filing cabinets, and color-coded with fancy label makers. That’s ok too. Your goals will be unique to you!

Find your level of comfort, then make a list with what you want to accomplish.

Tackle One Task Per Day

Make a to-do list. Or, write your daily tasks on the calendar and do them! It’s not going full-bore, but the small progress will motivate you without burning you out. You’ve heard the saying, “small and steady wins the race?” Yes, that applies here.

Get The Family Involved

It is extremely helpful and so much easier when your family is on board with decluttering.

Encourage your kids to clean out their toy bin one day, a drawer the next day, and so on. They will need assistance to get started. Allow them to determine what to part with.

You can make it a game. In addition, it can be a good opportunity to teach them about donating to charity and helping others.

You know your family better than anyone else, so be creative and find ways to motivate them that work for you. The most important thing is to make it fun and not seem like a chore.

Put Everything In Its Place

Categorize your things and give them all a home. For example, gather all of your clothes into one stack. Then make two piles, one for donation and another to keep. Once everything is sorted neatly fold and place like garments in the same location.

It will make your life easier to have all similar items in one location. You will know where they are when you need them, and where to put them when you are finished wearing/using them!

Keep Up The Good Work

Don’t let all of your hard work be for naught, spend time every day or once a week keeping up with your new-found habits.

Have mail on the counter from the week? Spend one day sorting through it and filing it in the necessary locations and/or recycle bin.

Laundry piling up? Wash, fold, and put it away.

The goal is to not allow things to get out of hand.

Think Before You Buy

Before you purchase those shoes, that fancy new sweater, or the latest-and-greatest toy for your kid, ask yourself if it is necessary.

If you feel like you really need the item(s), consider donating one or two of your current things.

The idea is to be cognizant of adding more stuff. It’s easy to purchase mindlessly when you pass the bargain bin at your favorite store. Keep in mind that you will need a space for whatever you feel compelled to buy. Adopting this mindset will be helpful in your quest to be and to stay organized.

You can do this!

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