Don’t Throw Away Your Shirt – Make a T-Shirt Pillow!

Preserve your memories, decorate, and be eco-friendly! Don’t discard your tees, recycle them into pillows. They would be ideal for a college dorm room, family room, man cave, camp, or child’s bedroom. T-Shirt pillows also make great gifts for a new college student, a sports enthusiast, or an avid sportsman. We found a pin and a video for you to check out on how to make your very own pillows. The best part – it requires no sewing! The pin also shows you what to do with the excess material you cut off at the bottom of the tee!



Did You Know…

  • The average American disposes of 65 pounds of clothing each year? That’s a lot of garbage!
  • People don’t donate their clothing because it’s more convenient to throw it away.
  • People are unaware that about 90% of all textiles can be recycled.
  • A tee lives in a landfill for a long time before it decomposes. One cotton glove takes about 3 months.
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