Easy Mother’s Day Edible Bouquet

mother's day edible bouquet

Show Mom some love this Mother’s Day with an edible cupcake flower bouquet.

Kimberly and Gwen show how you can make an easy gift for your mom. They share ways to complete this project whether you are a beginner or an experienced baker/decorator

A boxed mix and ready-made frosting can be used. Or, if you are an experienced baker – homemade cake and frosting can be utilized. Gwen shares how to use a tipless bag (or a baggie) to decorate cupcakes to look like sunflowers. Kimberly uses a Wilton tip to pipe roses.

They picked up the items to complete their project from a discount store. The total cost was around $10. It’s ideal for kids of all ages. And, Mom will love her bouquet no matter how professional it looks – because she loves you!

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