Kimberly Made The Cut With Her Hair Donation

Kimberly Donated Her Hair To Kids With Hair Loss 

If you’ve watched any of our Facebook Live videos, then you’ve seen her. Kimberly is one of our talented Graphic Designers and loves to be behind the camera with her sidekick, Gwen. Together they give customers the low down on new products, sales, recipes, and a plethora of other fun stuff. Kimberly adds a fresh of breath air and youthfulness to InkPixi with her optimistic, energetic, and friendly demeanor.

Kimberly isn’t all fun and games though, she cares about people. After much consideration, she made the decision to cut nine-plus inches off her hair and donate it to Children With Hair Loss a non-profit organization in Michigan that provides hair replacement to children and young adults facing medically-related hair loss at no cost. Watch the video for her exclusive interview.


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