Behind The Scenes – Promoting Custom Zombie Gifts

Whoever said work can’t be enjoyable never spent a day with the InkPixi Team! Recently we got together for a fun photo shoot featuring our Zombie Removal Service custom shirts and hats. There were no holds barred – props were made, a location was secured, and we had special effects makeup! The Online Marketing Department, Marketing Strategist, models, and photographer were all there for the shoot. It was a productive day bustling with activity and laughter for the crew.

Photo Sep 09, 3 18 52 PM - Copy - Copy
Rachael applying James’ makeup

Why was this particular shoot such a big deal? Zombies, zombies, killer props, make-up, and more zombies! Did we mention zombies? People are gaga over zombies and our Zombie Removal Service design is no exception. We are also excited about our newly released design, Zombie Task Force. Now you have more sought after custom shirts and hats to choose from!

Zombie Task Force
Zombie Task Force Custom Shirts

Our make-up person, Racheal, also a model in the shoot, used her in-depth knowledge of makeup to make the models look very realistic. We were all fascinated and pleased with her talents. Check her out in action!

Photo Sep 09, 3 13 39 PM
Rachael applying makeup to “the other James.”

Chrissy, Online Graphic Designer, and Gwen, Online Content Specialist, tagged along to take behind the scenes pictures for our social media sites. Gwen posted an Instagram Story adding to it as the day progressed. Chrissy snagged the amazing behind the scenes shots shown in this post. The ladies were able to capture some really great moments outlining the day and having a blast in the process.

Photo Sep 09, 3 05 50 PM
Some neat props made for the shoot.
Photo Sep 09, 3 01 06 PM - Copy - Copy
James checking out his killer prop!
Photo Sep 09, 3 07 20 PM - Copy - Copy
Ryan our expert photographer!

Doug, our Marketing Strategist, accompanied the lively crew for the shoot. One of his many jobs is to oversee our online advertising campaigns. He provided helpful insight on the types of photos that would be ideal for our ads featuring Zombie Removal Service custom shirts and hats.

Photo Sep 09, 3 07 09 PM
Doug and Ryan chilling while the models prepare.

After hours of planning and preparation we are happy to share the results of the day with you. Check out this splendid photograph from that very enjoyable day at the office! You can snag these custom shirts and hats at InkPixi!

Zombie Removal Service Custom Shirts and Hats
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