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“Our family is spread along the east coast and getting everyone together is not always an easy task, unless it’s a funeral. What?!? It’s kind of true, right? Well, no one died this month, and we all still managd to meet up at our lake house in Maine. GRANDparents, kids, GRANDbabies, and, bless us all, dogs–big dogs. I bought Inkpixi tees for everyone, from onesies to, ahem, larger sizes. As the matriarch, always wanted to dub myself that, I wasn’t entirely sure of what response I would get. Would it be another “Really, Mom?” moment? But it actually was the exact opposite. Everyone loved the personalized Camp SYWISY (See Ya When I See Ya) tees. And even though I, in all honesty, wanted a photo-op that didn’t involve black clothing, tears and tissues, they wore those tees throughout the week. They were a hit! And proved that Maine truly is
The Way Life Should Be! Bravo to Inkpixi!! You’re the BEST!!” -Beckey Cole

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