Custom Gift Boxes From InkPixi

The moment we introduced glassware we knew that we had to take packaging into consideration.  We needed it to be functional and secure.  We factored in manufacturing cost, fulfillment efficiency, shipping costs, and sturdiness.  A series of tests were performed which included multiple drops from table height, shoulder height, and even balcony height.  We rolled them down the stairs and tossed them like bowling balls across the parking lot.  Our box design, coupled with an exterior shipper box, provide ample security and stability to ensure that the glasses should remain unbroken, barring any gross negligence on the handler’s part,


Moving beyond the utilitarian function of our boxes, We wanted to use our packaging to help enhance the total buying experience for our customers.  We think we’ve done that in a number of ways.

  1. The number one way that the buying experience was enhanced for our customers was that they received their product unharmed.
  2. An often overlooked benefit is that customers could open their boxes, inspect the glass, and be able to use the same box to gift to other people.
  3. We let the process of opening one of our boxes tell a little story about who we are at InkPixi and what it is the customers are receiving.  Simple typography and graphics can help give positive sentiments and information that customers can take to heart and use to help understand all that InkPixi can offer them and in turn what the gift giver is giving to the recipient.


Sometimes customers don’t even notice the small details that we include and that’s OK.   It’s reassuring to us to know that they are there, and if a customer does happen to notice all of the thoughtful details that went into the experience, they will realize how much they mean to us.

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