Here’s Why Moms Love Our St. Paddy’s Day Shirts

If you’re like most Americans, you probably associate St. Patrick’s Day with good beer (or maybe green beer – ew!), parades, and Chicago’s green river. But there’s another side to it. St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of all things Irish, and that includes Irish heritage – which means family.

Quotes from St. Patrick’s Day Moms

That’s part of why InkPixi’s personalized Irish shirts are one of our most popular product lines. With our creative roots in family-pride shirt designs, it was a natural step to focus on Irish family pride. One happy Mom wrote us to say this:

I hosted a St Patrick’s Day barbeque for my family and surprised them each with a shirt upon arrival. My eighty year old father was the first to leave the room to put his on and he came out smiling like a cheshire cat. The rest of the gang soon followed suit and we were all laughing & smiling throughout. Of course, having our family name embolded on the front made them all the more special but the kelly green color and the comfort of the shirt likewise got rave reviews.
– Erin Go Bragh, from San Antonio, TX

Another wrote:

I ordered the Hats, T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts and Hooded Sweat Shirts for my family for St. Patricks Day. We love them. Our family name is who we are and to wear it on St. Patricks day was great. I want to order more for a charity basketball event where my family competes against another family. We will look awesome in our shirts from you.
– Tracy, from Cumberland RI

You see? For Tracy, “Our family name is who we are.” That’s why she wanted not just St. Patricks’ Day shirts, but personalized St. Patrick’s Day shirts. And it’s also why she’s now thinking beyond St. Patrick’s day, to her basketball charity event.

Irish All Year Long

Of course, because (ahem, most) people are Irish all year long – not just on St. Patrick’s Day – our Irish shirts and hats have also been a popular choice for family reunions. Momma Farley writes,

We will be attending a Farley Family reunion this summer. The hat was so perfect, we may be ordering more for other family members. It will be fun for my kids to stand out among the other groups, and we’re excited to wear our green shirts to the party!!
– Momma Farley, from Richmond, Virginia

You get the idea, I’m sure: these personalized St. Patrick’s Day shirt and hat designs are the perfect way to celebrate your Irish heritage with your whole family. But we can’t resist including this review by Granny Mullen:

Bought all Grandkids, kids, my Husband and I an assortment of long and short sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and hats. They are awesome. Everyone loved them and wore for St Patrick’s Day. In fact we had family and friends asking where we had gotten them and we passed on your name! Great job, Folks! We will be wearing these for sometime to come.
– Granny Mullen, from Sumter, SC

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One thought on “Here’s Why Moms Love Our St. Paddy’s Day Shirts

  1. I ordered 2 2 T-Shirts as gifts for my son and daughter-in-law. And they have not seen them yet but I just know that they are going to LOVE them!! I loved them when I opened the package! They look awesome! I will get one for myself if I can get it in pink. I got the black shirt that says “It’s an ARCHER thing. (you wouldn’t understand)” And it will so be them for sure! lol They are made of good quality material. I just wish you could make your own sayings. That is only thing I would change….or add {:^} 5 stars from me!!!!!

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