50 States 50 Spots: Natural Wonders

Pennsylvania’s Twinkling SkiesThe Milky Way lights up the sky at Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania.

Check out this article on the Natural Wonders in each of the 50 states. We scrolled directly to Pennsylvania and here is what CNN had to say was our ideal place:

This is a perfect spot for a starry night. The precise coordinates on Earth (41.6501 degrees north, 77.8164 degrees west) of Cherry Springs State Park give a window onto the Milky Way’s nucleus.

There are several other reasons stargazers love this place. The park, in Pennsylvania’s Potter County, sits atop a 2,300-foot high Allegheny Plateau, surrounded by the remote Susquehannock State Forest. And the nights are famously darker here in the world’s second Gold Tier-ranked Dark Sky Park (the International Dark-Sky Association’s highest rating for stargazing) than in many places across the United States.

On a good night, you can see 10,000 stars. The park has shielded its lights and has converted its visible white light to red light, a color complement to the park’s trees.

Click the link to check out your state http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2014/07/travel/50-states-natural-wonders/ Then share the “you don’t miss” place in your state!

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