Aurelia’s Day At The Office

    Aurelia’s Day At The Office

Kim and Aurelia

Kim, Assistant to the President at Earth Sun Moon, brought her daughter, Aurelia to work last week. Aurelia had a fun day seeing the ins and outs of the company! Kim introduced Aurelia to most of her coworkers and explained a little about their jobs. Aurelia wore her own personalized badge, while she toured different departments of the company.

While in Kim’s office, Aurelia folded tags, cleaned and put stickers on mugs that were to be used for a donation, and folded tees with our special folding board.


Aurelia and Aki


Then, Aurelia spent some of her day with Aki. She helped package mug shipments for our Wholesale Division and break down boxes to recycle.


Aurelia checks out the embroidery machines


On their way back to Kim’s office, they stopped by the Art Department to drop off some items. Afterward, Aki took Aurelia on a tour of the Embroidery and Digital Printing Departments. Then, the two went to the Shipping Department, where Bob showed Aurelia how to ship a package.


Bob and Aurelia ship a package


Aurelia, Kim, and Pam enjoy lunch in downtown Grove City


Aurelia’s day a the office was a success. Everyone enjoyed the time they were able to spend with Aurelia and appreciated her helpfulness and willingness to learn. Until next time…


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