Giving Back – Trish’s Mission Trip To Haiti

“For It Is In Giving That We Receive.” – Francis of Assisi

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The group

For the past 3 years, Trish Fuchs, Custom Printing Representative at Earth Sun Moon Printworks has been giving back to the people of Haiti. She accompanies between 12-14 other members of her church, Branchton UMC, on the mission trips. Each trip costs well over $1500 which does not include vaccinations or extras. To help to pay for their expenses they engage in several fundraisers.

The mission group spent 2 years helping to build a grain silo which holds seeds for the people in the town of Mombin Crochu. This year they started construction on a clinic. (Currently they rent a clinic.) Each journey, the group transports around $90,000 worth of donated medication for the clinic. In addition, each month the church sends money to help pay for medicine, donkeys, and/or food.

The Grain Silo
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This is Pastor Fred and some of the orphans that stay with him and his family. He runs a free school down there and tries to feed around 60-100 kids a day. Normally to go to school it costs between $40-$60 a month per kid.

When Trish returned in March 2016 from her 3rd mission trip this is what she had to say:

“Hello everyone! I figured I would share some pictures from my Haiti trip that I just got back from. Our group had a wonderful time. We got to dedicate the building that we have been working on the past 2 years, which is now the Grain Silo. It will hold seeds for people in the town of Mombin Crochu so that they do not get destroyed or stolen between growing seasons. We also take down about $90,000 worth of donated medicine each trip. This year we started building a clinic. They have a hospital in town but if you do not have money, then they won’t see you at the hospital. At the clinic the doctor we work with, Maudelin, and his staff will see anyone regardless of what they can pay. The people there are truly a blessing to get to know and it is amazing what they do there. They do so much for their own people and are so selfless. Our pastor is already planning a trip with another group to go in August and one for next March.”

“Moving the sand to make the cement blocks. The doctor we work with bought 10 donkeys for $100 each and gave them out to 10 ladies. To pay off their donkey, each lady went down to the river and collected sand and brought it back. Once they brought enough buckets back to pay off their donkey, they could make some money bringing more sand up. They all own their donkey now, which is useful to help carry their items to market day and because they just walk everywhere they go. I had the pleasure of carrying a 55 lb. bag of rice on my head from the market back to our guest house and let’s just say I would have appreciated a donkey.”
haitiwaiting atclinic
Villagers waiting to be seen by the doctors at the clinic. Some walk over 3 hours to been seen. Oftentimes they must wait all day.

Trish looks forward to going back in March 2017 to continue work on the clinic and helping out wherever she can.

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