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Twenty Years of Making T-Shirts

Ever wondered…

Where is InkPixi located?
When did InkPixi begin selling personalized apparel?
Who is InkPixi?

Of course you have, and we’re here to help!

InkPixi is a small-town American company in western Pennsylvania, located near downtown Grove City, PA. To give you a better idea of our location: We are situated approximately one hour north of Pittsburgh, PA, and one hour south of Erie, PA. Yes, we do everything here in our facility: beginning with developing and testing new designs, taking orders, and then printing and shipping customer purchases.

InkPixi is a subsidiary of Earth Sun Moon Trading Company, which has been in business since 1996. AlumniOriginals.com was our original web store, which opened for business in 2002. It was a special-purpose store that sold only university-themed shirts, sweats, hats, and jackets.

We had some creative ideas for personalized apparel that didn’t fit the university theme of Alumni Originals, so in 2008 we opened InkPixi.com  offering a broad selection of customized apparel. In fact, we’ve added over 300 designs since then, and continue to add to our outstanding offerings.

According to Nathan Depew, owner, the culture at InkPixi is based on the ideal of mutual respect for our fellow employees, our business associates and our community. We feel that our efforts to be fair, honest and kind to the people we work with every day are of the greatest value. We are a family at InkPixi, and we consider our customers to be our extended family. InkPixi’s aim is to bring family and friends together with personalized apparel!

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    1. Hello, Nancy,
      We print, embroider, and engrave all of our products at our facility in Grove City, Pennsylvania, USA. We purchase our blank apparel from US distributors who import it from other countries. Most of our glassware is manufactured in the USA. Our wooden giftware is manufactured in the USA and Canada.

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