Giving Back: Team Pink Personalized T-Shirt Design

The Story Behind Our Team Pink Personalized T-Shirt Design

Kristie and Mary proudly displaying our first donation to the NBCF
Kristie K. from Accounting and Mary proudly exhibit the donation check to the NBCF.

You may remember our blog post in March about Team Pink, our personalized t-shirt design for breast cancer awareness.  Most people know or have known someone with breast cancer. The InkPixi team is no exception. Our owner, Nathan Depew, lost his mom to the disease in 1996 and Mary, a beloved employee, was in the midst of her fight. We created this personalized t-shirt design with both your friends and family, and our friends and family, in mind.

We also announced our intent to donate 5% of the sales of the Team Pink personalized apparel to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The NBCF’s mission is: “To provide help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services.” We are proud to say that we recently sent them our first donation!

When we first shared our plan with Mary she delightedly stated, “It’s a great idea. We’ve had a lot of requests for such a design. What a great way to give back.” She paused, and then said, “Pay it forward.” (Another pause), “Maybe the additional support will help to find a cure and put an end to this.”

Mary surrounded by some of her friends all wearing a Team Pink personalized t-shirt. Photo taken the day before Mary's surgery in March.
Mary surrounded by some of her coworkers all wearing a Team Pink personalized t-shirt. Photo taken the day before Mary’s surgery in March.

Mary hosted a Wine and Shave party at her home for close friends when her hair was falling out. It was a difficult day because it was the start of Mary’s “loss of identity…the limitations…the taking away of independence.” Our employees have rallied around Mary throughout her journey. She relayed, “Where would I be without my InkPixi family? They have supported me from day one with friendship, cards, encouragement, flowers, inspiration, financial support, and teamwork. You need to find joy in sadness, so celebrating was a way to keep positive.”

Since then, Mary has undergone surgery and 33 rounds of radiation treatments. Her strength is returning, her spirits are high, and her hair is returning curly and lovelier than before! We celebrated the end of her treatments with a surprise party. The office was adorned with pink balloons shaped like ribbons, streamers, and food galore. Some of the employees dressed in pink and others sported a Team Pink personalized t-shirt. As of today, Mary’s pathology reports were clear. However, she won’t be able to say decisively that she is cancer free until October. We are all very optimistic. Come back for updates on Mary.

A sign a coworker made for Mary.
A sign made for Mary’s party still hangs in her office.
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2 thoughts on “Giving Back: Team Pink Personalized T-Shirt Design

  1. Wow. What a lovely company you have!! Mary is my mother’s name, and at age 88, she was also treated for breast cancer. Fortunately, it was only Stage I, so at 93, she’s still with us. But Mom’s mother and her sister weren’t so lucky. They delayed treatment, fearing the worst, and we lost them. Since then, a total of eight other women in my family have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and so far, the rest have survived. Good luck to Mary. She’s lucky to have people like you in her life.

    1. Dear Donna,
      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story with us. To say that it touched our hearts and has brought tears to our eyes would be an understatement. My co-worker shared your message with me and I had to respond personally to you. I was named for my two Grandmother’s, Mary was my Mom’s mothers name. It is always a pleasure to have a kindred spirit out in the world and one who has always walked the same journey as you. I am so happy for your Mom & the survivors of your family! The “C” word is one you hear about but never expect to enter your life. I too am one of the lucky survivors. My next scan is Oct. 23rd and I am praying that it all comes back clear. You were right that I am so lucky to work with the most amazing people ever. They carried me through on the days when I didn’t have the strength of courage to do it on my own. They are my “family” and I would be so lost without them! I wish your family the very best in this journey. Hopefully they will find a cure in the near future! All the best, Mary

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