Embroidering a Personalized Hat

Hi, today we will show you how we embroider a personalized hat.

First we secure the hat into a hat clamp, with a piece of paper-like material on the underside. This helps the stitching to go in securely, and keeps it from coming out later. Next a metal band is wrapped around the hat and secured to the hat clamp. This keeps the hat in place during the sewing process.

Now the hat is placed onto an embroidery machine. This computer-driven embroidery machine has 15 needles that are each threaded with a different color thread.

As the embroidery machine finishes sewing one color, it puts that needle down and picks up another needle with the next thread color, just like a human seamstress. It continues sewing, clipping threads, and changing needles until the design is complete.

Once the sewing is done, the hat is taken off of the embroidery machine, released from the hat clamp, and any extra backing material is trimmed from inside.

Now you have a personalized hat to wear and love for years to come.

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10 thoughts on “Embroidering a Personalized Hat

  1. Hi Guys………Thanks so much for showing this video. I have several of your hats and tee shirts and sweatshirts and dearly love them!
    Keep up the good work! Thanks again.
    Sonja Shaughnessy

  2. This place is just what I was looking for when I found them. My Brother received a postcard in the mail and I saw it so I saw grabbed my tablet and entered the web address bookmarked it. Anyway, when I got home I ordered five shirts for gifts to family members. I received them about three weeks later and couldn’t be happier. GREAT JOB ALL THE WAY AROUND.

  3. I received an ad in the mail, and I was skeptical. Wow, what a great job! 15 hats, 2 shirts. I’ll be returning. I’ll also be passing your company name on to others. After watching the video, though, I’m not sue why a thread color choice isn’t available. Not multi- colors, but a change from blue to green. Otherwise, beautiful job!

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