InkPixi Is Bringing Families Together!

When Rick K. started browsing pictures on Facebook, he only hoped for a few minutes of relaxation. But to his surprise, he stumbled across the image of someone wearing a shirt bearing his own family name.

It was InkPixi’s personalized “You Wouldn’t Understand” design, and it made Rick curious. He left a comment, asking the poster if they had a mutual acquaintance with the same last name. The poster replied and, as they chatted, they discovered that they were related!

More than that, Ricks’ newfound family-member was able to put him in touch with several other relatives – including the father Rick hadn’t heard from in forty years!

Thanks to that InkPixi shirt (and Facebook), Rick finally met with his long-lost father for Christmas last year.

The crew here at InkPixi always likes to think our products help bring families together. This time, they truly did, and we’re proud, humbled, and grateful. Special thanks to Rick’s mother, Kathy, for sharing his story with us!

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