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“I want another tie,” said no dad ever! If you could read his mind, you’d know he’s begging, “No more ties, pleeeeaaaasssseeeee.” And, since another tie is out of the question, we’re here to help you with gifts personalized for the remarkable dad in your life. Below we’ve curated ideas based on his interests.

The Foodie Fanatic

For the guy that likes to cook, you can’t go wrong with a chef’s knife. The one we really like is the Shun Classic (see photo below), it’s a bit pricey, but there are less expensive options. See our Facebook Live video where Gwen shows a nice Chef’s knife that will “cut it” when you’re on a tighter budget!

Another option for the cook of the house is a molcajete. It’s a traditional Mexican version of the mortar and pestle used for grinding food. These also range in price. We recommend purchasing the best one you can afford. Our pick is shown below.

A handsome, laser-engraved custom cheese board complete with his name is perfect for displaying his creations! This reasonably-priced cherry-wood piece is available in numerous personalizable designs – one to suit just about any guy’s tastes!

The Jesting Jokester

For the dad who thinks he’s a comedian, we’ve got some real winners! A Super Dad mug will take the cake for the best mug at the office. They’re super affordable and super fun! See below where you can pick one up.

The next one may be asking for trouble, but your dad will love a good joke book. After all, he needs to add to his ever-growing reserve that are on the ready for the next unlucky sap that will give an ear. Do Dad a favor and get him one and maybe if you throw in a $5 he’ll tell his jokes to someone else!

With a personalized shirt, he can proclaim his uniqueness to the whole world. It can be personalized with “Dad,” or his first name – whatever suits him the best. Either way, he’s sure to adore this personalized gift.

Take your pick, or buy all three of these select, very affordable gifts for your favorite funny man!

The Workout Warrior

If he doesn’t already own one, then Dad definitely should have a Fitbit watch. They track steps, workouts, heart rate, calories burned, and so much more. He can set a timer, listen to music, and even check the weather. He’ll wonder what he ever did without one.

Keep Dad up-to-date on the latest in health with a subscription to Men’s Health. Each month he will receive a new copy of this industry-leading fitness magazine. It will take his bathroom reading up a notch!

With the gift of a juicer, you’ll feel good knowing Dad has something beneficial. Now he can save money and stay healthy when he makes his yummy drinks at home. See our pick below–we went for the best value for your buck!

The Beer Boss

Whether he’s a beer connoisseur or just likes to throw back a few on the weekends, here are three choices that you couldn’t go wrong picking up for Dad’s special day.

A beer brewing kit will turn his love into a hobby. This brew kit comes equipped with everything he needs to make his own brewski. They’re for every skill level, so you get the best batch for your buck!

The Beer Caddy might just be his new favorite gift ever. It is a cooler and carrier all in one! Now he can transport his favorite beverages anywhere, and they’ll stay cold. That’s a win-win in our book.

What’s not to love about these color-printed, custom pint glasses featuring his love and his name? These pints are dishwasher safe, if you can believe that! He’ll be proud to share a pint with his friends using this personalized set.

The Talented Techie

For the dude that likes technology: Here are some pretty innovative products we think he’ll enjoy.

Wireless earbuds are perfect for just about any guy who likes to listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts. And you don’t have to be an engineer to figure out how to use them -simply charge, sync, and use.

A home wifi booster can take the frustration out of slow Wifi signal and “dead” rooms. This neat gadget plugs in and extends the coverage from his existing router–bridging it to where the WiFi is weak or nonexistent in the home. It’s almost genius!

Appreciate isn’t quite a strong enough word for how he’ll feel when you present him with a Peeps Glasses Cleaner. He’ll finally have spotless lenses with the innovative carbon molecular technology gadget.

Skip the ties and get your dad something that won’t end up at the bottom of his drawer. A gift of thoughtfulness and personalization is the way to go this year and every year!

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