Customer Photo Of The Week – A Cheerful Cook

Berta Whipping Up Some Love For Her Family

Gena Jones-Gebhard posted these photos of Berta in her custom apron on our Facebook page. Gena commented, “I ordered an apron for my mother-in-law and she loved it! Thank you!!!”

We are giving a shout-out to Berta for the Customer Photo Of the Week. This throwback photo was sent in by Berta’s daughter-in-law, Gena. We think it’s the perfect photo to share so near the holidays!

We want to see which fun and unique InkPixi designs your family wears. Which custom designs are you wearing to your winter celebrations or long weekend trips? Do you plan to wear a custom shirt for family photos? Will your family be sporting personalized shirts for the holidays? Send us those pictures! We would love to share them as our customer photo of the week and give you a shout-out too!

If you would like us to feature your fantastic family photographs simply, capture your memories, post them on Facebook, and tag us!

We have an inkling you may just be the next to get a shout out!!


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